Brunette’s B-Day Party Summary

Hi again,

Here we are at the last post of the weekend..just a couple of lines to talk about my B-day Party last week (it has been a while that I wasn’t writing plus the New York Fashion Week has just began I was feeling pretty ispired ūüôā )

My day began at 8:00 in the morning with thousands of Birthday Wishes (Thanks Everyone ..I love you all <3) then I went to the  Beauty Saloon and finally to the Bakery to get  delicious cupcakes for my more than 50 lovely guests.

I had a shooting a couple of hours before the party with my favourite photographer Erika Q. as  I decided to wear three different outfits by  So Allure :




The party began at 8 p.m @Clotilde Bistrot Bar in Milan, where Bon Bon La Rouge (Maricla Cuomo) Burlesque Performer played ¬†her four shows, sexy and elegant at the same time (which I really enjoyed presenting) ….


accompained by Elsa Martignoni, Violin Live Performer . I personally found impressive the interaction between the Burlesque’s 50’s atmosphere and the violin sound.

Both my cards and presents have been EXTREMELY FASHIONABLE: Thanks Thanks Thanks



Eleonora Rocca

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