My Little Black Dress with a Colour Touch!

Hello ladies,

How are you??

..Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, I totally agree with this Leonardo da Vinci quote. I do sometimes choose outfits which are a little bit more eccentric, but most of the times I go for simple and classy options.

This little black dress is extremely versatile and I love wearing  it with simple accessories to spice it up to give it “that” unique touch.

For example, here I’ve matched it with red shoes which, as you can see are colour coordinated with the little ribbon on my “Alice in Wonderland” pearls necklace (colour cooordinating is a true obsession for me).

The fur plays also a crucial  role on this outfit, as it makes it more elegant and is the perfect choice for a night out or a fancy dinner.

The second option instead, is all about pink (one of my favourite colours): pink shoes and pink belt if you are more in a “girly mood” 🙂

What do you think?

Comments and thoughts are always welcomed!



Dress: Jucca
Red Shoes: Ted Baker
Bag: Gucci
Pink Shoes: Bershka
Pink Belt: Accessorize

Photos by Haunt-me by Mike Godfrey

Eleonora Rocca

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