The Team

“Con il talento si vincono le partite, ma è con il lavoro di squadra e l’intelligenza che si vincono i campionati”, recita una celebre citazione di Michael Jordan , e io, non potrei essere piu’ d’accordo.

Lavorare da sola mi piace (anzi, a volte ne ho proprio bisogno), ma trovo che lavorare in team sia molto piu’ stimolante. Dal confronto nascono e crescono idee e progetti, ma anche cambi di direzione, e ritengo che tutto questo ci permetta di crescere anzitutto come persone, oltre che come professionisti.

La creativita’ che incontra la creativita’ crea un effetto magico, del quale, non posso proprio fare a meno. Inoltre, ho troppe idee per poterle sviluppare da sola. QUINDI, di seguito qualche informazione in piu’ sulla sottoscritta e su coloro che contribuiscono o hanno contribuito alla redazione di questo blog. 

Vuoi collaborare con noi anche tu? Ti piacerebbe scrivere di moda, beauty, lifestyle, travel o tecnologia “al femminile” ?

Inviami la tua candidatura a: , raccontami chi sei e perche’ vorresti collaborare con me!

Ti aspetto! 


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”, says a popular Michael Jordan quote and  I couldn’t agree more. I often like (and need) to work on my own, however I do believe that working in team is much better. Sharing projects and developing ideas together with other smart people is exciting and allows you to grow both personally and professionally. Happiness is great only if shared

The comparison are born and grow ideas and projects, but also changes of direction, and I believe that all this will enable us to grow as people first, as well as professionals.

When creativity encounters creativity, the magic happens, and I love this, I can’t live without this! Also, I have too many ideas to develop them on my own, SO..below you can find some additional information about myself and the people who write or have written for this blog. 

Do you want to join our editorial team or even just write a guest post? Are you passionate about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel or “chic geek” technology? 

Write me at and tell me why do you want to join the “crazy” brunette’s world :)  

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


 Eleonora Rocca- The Founder

Job Description: Marketing Manager during the day,  Entrepreneur at night, Social Media Consultant, Blogger, Event Planner , Startup Mentor and  Cherie Blair Foundation Business Mentor in between. Hackaton Enthusiast, Globetrotter, Life Lover

Favourite Clothing Brand: Chanel

Favourite Bags Brand: Prada

Favourite cities: London , Milan, New York, San Diego

Addictions: Sunsets, Photography, Shopping, Chocolate, Travel, Rooftop views, Luxury watches, any kind of social media

Favourite Quote: “The Future Belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” . Eleanore Roosevelt


Contributors & Guest Bloggers 

Alice Olgiati- Lifestyle & Food Editor

Job Description: Web Content Editor, Copywriter, Blogger, Travel and Food Lover, Opera Singer

Favourite Clothing Brand: Chanel

Favourite Bag Brand: Braccialini

Favourite Cities: Milan, Rome, Prague

Addictions: Classical Music, Opera, Yoga, Cooking, Discovering New Cities, Creative Writing

Favorite Quote: “Look up to the sky. You’ll never find rainbows if you are looking down” . Charlie Chaplin

Michela Ceruti – Fashion & Lifestyle Editor

Job Description: Business Analyst Consultant during the day, Belly Dancer at night, Social Media Interest, Blogger, Yamuna Body Rolling Teacher, Fashion Enthusiast

Favourite Clothing Brand: Armani

Favourite Bags Brand: Hermes

Favourite cities: New York, Milan, San Francisco, Siena, Rome

Addictions: Chocolate, Love, Shopping, Design, Jewelry, Dogs, Travel

Favorite quotes: “If you can dream it, you can do it “Walt Disney

Laura Zanati (Lallinx)- The “Chic Geek” Editor

Job Description: Copywriter, SEO Specialist, Social Media Manager, Blogger and Web Marketing Consultant.. all in one, in costant evolution. The biggest dream to realize is to visit every places in the world.

Favourite Clothing Brand: Christian Dior

Favourite Bags Brand: Michael Kors

Favourite cities: Turin, New York

Addictions: Aspiring life traveler, Web, Fashion, Food, Cats, Music, Love, Smiles

Favourite quote: “I’m not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” Mary Anne Radmacher


Barbara- The Tokyo Correspondent

Job Description: Fashion Business Consultant and Web Content Editor

Favourite Clothing Brand: Vivienne Westwood

Favourite Bags Brand: Celine

Favourite cities: Milan, Tokyo, Rome and Paris

Addictions: Solo Travels, Novels, Cute Cafés and Good Food From the World.

Favourite Quote: “You have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes” Vivienne Westwood