Lifestyle-Icushion: The Perfect Christmas Gift for Ipad Lovers!

Perhaps for you it’s different, but, for me, whenever I have to buy a present for someone, I feel extremely undecided and I never know what to buy. Given my creative nature, I definitely enjoy more writing original messages on cards, than choosing the present itself 🙂

Christmas is coming soon, I still have to buy ALL the presents! If you are in the same situation, maybe this post can help you, as I am going to  talk about a product which in my opinion is perfect as a Christmas Present.

I am talking about Icushion by Mobiletoyz: a stylish and  comfortable Ipad holder, which allows you to work, watch movies, read books/magazines, write on your blog or download apps in total comfort.

I work for Mobiletoyz as a social media manager since April 2014 so I can 100% guarantee the quality of this product (it might seem biased, but for those of you who know me well, you know that I won’t talk about it, if I hadn’t find it valuable and worth suggesting!)

Are you tired of swiping, typing, or downloading the latest app whilst holding your tablet in one hand?If the answer is yes, iCushion is definitely the right solution for you!

It  is a practical gadget and at the same time, a  fashionable piece of design which is ideal to be used at your desk, in bed, on the sofa or in the garden, as it provides the right support while browsing your favourite websites.

I personally use it quite a lot if I work outdoor as it can be easily squeezed in a medium size bag and letting me carry my Ipad instead of my laptop, which would be much heavier.

Specially designed to combat what doctors are calling iPad Hand or iPad Shoulder, iCushion takes the strain from your neck and shoulders by creating a perfect viewing angle to support a tablet on a soft cushion. At first sight it could look like any other cushion, however, it is not because it has a special pocket which avoids the Ipad/Tablet to slip over.

Whether you’re relaxing on the sofa checking your emails, cuddled up in bed reading your favourite book or magazine or enjoying your latest downloaded app, iCushion holds your tablet at the optimum angle whilst freeing-up your hands, making hunching and holding a thing of the past.

Made of luxurious velvet and silk, this revolutionary product comes in 12 colours and is compatible with any Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus and most other tablets.

Ready to buy Icushion? Just click here



Eleonora Rocca

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